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One Price and Huge ROI

Out technology provides exclusive control of keywords for a one year fixed price and first right of refusal. We guarantee a minimum number of impressions with a detailed report of visitor time. A well chosen keyword can provide a ROI many times your cost; better than any other advertising option available. We clearly complement any PPC or retargeting campaign.

Dominate Your Competition

What if you could target a percentage of your customers at the right place and right time, whenever they are searching for your keywords? One business can dominate their competition by having exclusive control of exact match keywords whenever a search is performed in Google, all major search engines and most major websites that have a search feature.

Exclusive Keyword Rights

Maintain exclusive rights to a keyword that displays a banner ad to an audience of millions of consumers every time your exact match keyword is used in a search query. Of all the available keywords, only you know the ones that matter most. Will it be you or your competition that control them exclusively?

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions About Our Advertising Network

Keywords are words or phrases that describe content. The queries you type into a search engine are keywords.

  • Examples of keywords: divorce, jewelry, wine, etc.
  • Examples of keyword phrases: Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, Emergency Plumber Atlanta, Cloud Computing Services, 24 hour Dallas Tow Service, best mechanic in Boston, etc.
The plugin allows the frame above the browser to expand. Your 1200×300 ad will appear in that space, dominating all other ads and organic results in the browser. Clicking on the ad sends your customers to your landing page. Refer to the video to see how how this works. Customers viewing this have a unique experience because the ad is new and different. With a relevant ad and landing page, a business directly connects with the intent of the customer at the right time.


You’ve never heard of this because it’s new. If you are hearing of this for the first time and your prime keywords are still available, then it’s most likely you have come across Keywords And Banners before your competition has. In case you are wondering if Keywords And Banners can be controlled by browsers (internet explorer, chrome, safari, firefox, etc.) or major search engines, the answer is no. Because the software that allows Keywords And Banners to function is in the toolbar, no browser, search engine or website can keep your ad from displaying when your exact keywords are entered in a search.

Because this is not part of the browser frame itself, Google and other search engines have no control over it. In fact, Google is now offering the same thing for ‘brand names’ only. We expect Bing, Yahoo and others to soon follow. Keywords And Banners not only allows you to exclusively control brand names, but any keyword you want. Keywords And Banners is the only advertising network in which this will work on all search engines and thousands of major websites.

How Much Does a Keyword Cost and How Long Can I Control It?
Contact our sales department for prices. If you want an online quote, go here.
There is no second place or second chance for your keyword(s). Whoever has the keyword this year will have first right of renewal for subsequent years.
Yes. If you are willing to prepay multiple years at this year’s price, you can lock in your keyword for any number of years you choose. For example, Tesla locked up their brand name for a period of ten years.
How Does The Advertising Network Operate?
Our advertising network uses “triggers” or “filters” to deliver your ad. Keywords serve as those triggers or filters. We contract with you and other advertisers to deliver your banner ads that clicks to your featured site or landing page. You select the keyword(s) that you want to use to trigger the delivery of your ads. The use of keywords allows us to target our delivery to consumers who are searching for something using a specific word or phrase. The bonus is that we offer those targeting triggers or filters on an exclusive basis. In addition, each keyword comes with a guaranteed minimum number of searches. On your dashboard you will be able to view how many times and when your keyword was searched in real time.
We have currently contracted with multiple toolbars and software companies to install our advertising network when the customer downloads their product. They are each paid on a revenue sharing model.
Because downloads are completely random, we do not know what states and cities each of American users are from. They are spread throughout the entire country. However, in your dashboard you will be able to monitor exact date and time of each impression occurred.
To see how this works, type your website into the demo to visualise what a customer will see when they use a keyword in a search. Unless a keyword has been sold and is in use, a search engine user will not see any ads.
Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox.
What Other Businesses are Buying Keywords?
Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay, to name few of the larger ones. In addition, any website with a search engine feature in which your keyword is entered will display your ad. There are unknown thousands of major websites with search engines that work with our advertising network.
The number of companies that are buying keywords is growing exponentially as we get the word out. We are purposely starting slow to provide a quick turnaround, however we are ‘opening the window’ very soon. Both major corporations and local businesses are signing up. There are thousands of other national, regional and local businesses locking up their keyword or keyword phrases daily. This pace will only accelerate as this opportunity becomes more widely known. Delaying your decision is an option, but there is no second chance on prime keywords central to your advertising strategy. Many of our customers who started with one keyword, purchased additional related keywords within days of beginning their campaign with us, not only to secure and dominate their presence, but to effectively ‘lock out’ their competition.
Whether your objective is to protect and build your brand, dominate your market and competitors, or generate transactions for your e-commerce or brick and mortar business, your first step is to control your brand and your market with this new media. You don’t want your competition buying your ‘brand name’ keyword, getting traffic that was intended to go to you. Fact: 80% of searches for a particular company’s website happen on search engines. The best keywords are going fast because, just like in the 90’s “domain gold rush,” companies who moved quickly locked up the most valuable domains secured their dominant online presence. We have found that the more targeted your keyword is to the traffic you want to see your ad, the better your conversion results will be.
Once you purchase a keyword, no other company will be able to purchase or use that keyword during your contract period. After your keyword expires, you will have the first right of renewal each year that you renew, at the same price you initially purchased.

How Else Can My Business Benefit from Keywords And Banners?

You have never heard about this before now because it’s new. It has been years in the making and was officially launched in September of 2018. We kept this very quiet until a substantial percentage of people who are from the United States downloaded and are using this advertising network plugin. Twenty-five percent of gross revenue is being reinvested back into expanding the network, so your reach will only continue to improve. As word gets out, both through our marketing efforts and other media, you can expect demand for your premium keywords to only increase.
You receive all traffic from your contracted keyword(s) for a one or multi-year period. A one year term is the minimum. Our minimum ad impression guarantee is based on your chosen keyword’s total market search volume. Your compelling ad, dominating a 1200×300 space above the user’s search results will do the rest and get you clicks to your landing page.
We have found that the most successful businesses are those that sell directly to consumers (B2C). While KeywordsAndBanners can be an effective method for businesses to reach other businesses (B2B), many large companies do not allow installation of plugins on their computers, so your B2B ad may not have as effective a reach as B2C advertisers if your customer works for a large company that does not allow custom downloads.
Yes. A keyword is NOT protected by copyright laws. If someone searches for your competition in a search and you control the keyword of your competitor’s brand, your ad appears above the search engine’s results. You can lock up any keyword you want… while it’s still available. Fact: 80% of searches for a particular company’s website happen on search engines. Given that, would you want your competition owning your ‘brand name’ keyword?
Keywords are not covered under trademark laws. Our advertising network uses ‘triggers’ or ‘filters’ to deliver your ad. Keywords serve as those triggers. We contract with you and other advertisers to deliver your 1200×300 banner ads that click to your featured site or landing page. You select the keyword(s) that you want to use to trigger the delivery of your ads. The use of keywords allows us to target our delivery to consumers who are searching for something using a specific word or phrase. We offer those targeted triggers on an exclusive basis.
Can I get a quote or contact you?

We have partnered with several companies that provide ad design services with an inexpensive and quick turnaround. We also have links to companies that design websites and have excellent templates and systems for online stores. Final Word

  • It costs nothing to find out the cost of your keyword.
  • We WILL answer your questions succinctly and without fluff.
  • We will NOT try to pressure you to secure your keyword(s).

You know the value, and so does your competition. We are taking a large amount of orders every day. We have no time to convince you of what you already know works. Click here to see if a competitor is about to have the edge in your market by checking on the availability of your keyword(s). If your first choice keyword is no longer available, your competition already locked it up. Search for your 2nd, 3rd and other choices to see if they are available.